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# Anna Chocholi / Kyriakos Charalampides


Visual Anna Chocholi
Music & Sound Design Κyriakos Charalampides
Production Year 2019
Running Time 12:00

S Y M P T O S I S is an audiovisual performance. The piece is inspired by the notion of coincidences as a fundamental source of creation. Each segment of the performance refers to a different material structure. The audio-visual result invites the audience to experience complex structures emerging through micro-time scales and movements.

Chapter [0] was premiered in TodaysArt 2019.

  • Pulse // Wave

    # Michele Abolaffio / Giuliano Anzani


    Production Year 2019

    Pulse//Wave investigates the inner sound nature of an object. Two performers are challenged to tame material’s sound behaviour. Resonances are amplified and exposed, revealing hidden patterns through sound. Matter and flesh become instruments.

    This performance has been premiered at STEIM, Amsterdam, for the Connector concert series.

  • The Rink (OST)

    # Kyriakos Charalampides / Giuliano Anzani

    #sound_design #soundtrack #silent_movie

    Music & Sound Design Κyriakos Charalampides & Giuliano Anzani
    Production Year 2018
    Running Time 24:26

    Original soundtrack for the silent movie The Rink (1916) directed by Charlie Chaplin. This work has been commissioned by the collective Edison Studio for the III edition of “Sounds of Silences”.

    The soundtrack has been premiered during the Roma Europa Festival 2018.

  • Love is Fear

    # Afroditi Bitzouni / Kyriakos Charalampides / Giuliano Anzani

    #animated_film #sound_design #music_composition

    Poem & Voice Manolis Anagnostakis (1925 - 2005)
    Direction, Animation & Illustrations Afroditi Bitzouni
    Music & Sound Design Κyriakos Charalampides & Giuliano Anzani
    Production Year 2017
    Running Time 01:24

    Love is fear (H αγάπη είναι ο φόβος) is a short animated film based on the poem, that was crafted by Manolis Anagnostakis and was included in the collection Seasons 3 (Εποχές 3).
    This short animated piece aspires to combine written and spoken language with contemporary mediums (animation and sound), emphasise the diachronic character of the poem and invite the audience to preserve and experience the poem by using multiple senses.

    Official selection for the Greek Panorama section at Animasyros 11, International Animation Festival. Syros, Greece.
    Official selection at LIF (Little Islands Festival), Sikinos, Greece.
    Official selection for the Animation programme at 14th Athens Digital Arts Festival. Athens, Greece.
    Official selection for the Extremely Short Section Of Extremely Short Films section at 1st Fest Anca International Animation Festival. Zilina, Slovakia.
    Official selection at 1st Chania Cartoon & Animation Festival. Chania, Greece.

  • Miloš Cathals

    # Michele Abolaffio / Chris Loupis / Kyriakos Charalampides / Giuliano Anzani

    #live_electronics #improvisation

    Miloš Cathals is an improvised round table musical discussion of four distinctly different live electronics setups, integrated into a larger system.
    The project was initiated in 2015 as a side-research platform where the different ideas and approaches of each member would be exchanged, explored and exploited in a collaborative environment.

    Miloš Cathals has performed in the Netherlands, Germany, Greece and Italy and in October 2017 they received an honorary mention from Matera/Intermedia Festival and the support of Creative Industries NL and the European Cultural Foundation.

  • Synaesthesia

    # Michele Abolaffio


    Production Years 2015 - 2018

    Synaesthesia is a live electronics solo performance involving biophysical sensors and active lighting.
    Synaesthesia aims to explore the musical and corporeal performance practice built upon the active stimulation of the senses of sight, hearing and the perception of the muscles. The performance is based on a synesthetic system composed of wearable sensors that respond both to bio-signals and dynamically controlled lighting.

    This work has been selected in the Open Call organized by ADE Sound Lab and Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie NL, winning the corresponding grant for its realization. It has been premiered on Saturday 22th October at the Compagnietheater in Amsterdam.

  • Anina

    # Chris Loupis / Alcaeus Spyrou

    #film #sound_design

    Direction, Script, Cinematography & Editing Alcaeus Spyrou
    Sound Design Chris Loupis
    Production Alcaeus Spyrou
    Cover Aleksandr Lugin
    Production Year 2017

    Shot on-board a container ship, the camera charts the unfolding industrial landscape of a centuries-old naval route, as the narrative embraces the constant rhythm of flowing cargos. In the ports, the fluorescent light and the shadows it brings to life, point to stories of work, play, dignity and survival. Does the inherited malevolence in the cycle of a mechanical action hold a universal footprint about its ramifications? Is violence the thriving behaviour in these ports? Machines that hunt and devour. Do they bury the dead? Conscious of killing and ruin?

    Liverpool Biennial 2018
    Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2018
    Once in Europa - Whitechapel Gallery
    Notes From Reality - 31st European Media Art Festival
    Official Selection at Indielisboa International Film Festival 2018
    Official Selection at Athens Avant Garde Film Festival 2018
    Official Selection at Blow-Up International Arthouse Film Festival 2017

  • HardWired

    # Anna Chocholi


    Production Year 2017

    Can something synthetic feel more alive than something organic?
    Hard-wired is an interactive installation that uses a plant's biosignal and perceptualizes it through LED light patterns and colors. When the plant is in a rest phase, its biosignal is slow and calm but when one touches it or moves around it, it accelerates and becomes uneven. We traced these changes and created a space that those subtle interactions could be enhanced and perceived by the visitors. ​​​​​​​

    In collaboration with Stijn van Vilsteren & Rense Notenboom.

  • Decoding Structure

    # Afroditi Bitzouni / Kyriakos Charalampides

    #music_composition #animated_film

    Decoding Structure is a animated film based on the omonymous music track, composed by Kyriakos Charampides, and is included in the project Re: SinThesis. The film explores the noise as a phenomenon produced by the sonic environment and as a new type of information captured, decoded and accepted by human beings.

    Official Selection at the exhibition Hotel Europa [CONCORDIA]. Amsterdam, Netherlands.

  • In the Dark

    # Anna Chocholi / Giuliano Anzani / Kyriakos Charalampides

    #VR_game #research_project

    Production Year 2018

    "In the dark" is a VR horror game that was created as part of the "Pursuing pleasure through fear" research project.

    A young boy wakes up in the middle of a stormy night. The player becomes one with the boy and begins the pursuit of a key. This key will ultimately allow the boy to reach the safety of his mother.

  • Awaken

    # Michele Abolaffio


    Production Year 2018

    Awaken is an interactive sound installation that explores the relationship between instincts and conscious thinking. What is the influence of the natural impulses over the rational? Awaken narrates its struggle to the viewer, seeking his/her attention through its actions. The viewer is invited to touch Awaken's skin, forcing a shift in the balance of the dialogue .

    The work has been commissioned by STEIM, Amsterdam, to be displayed in their Sound Art gallery.

    Other exhibitions:
    Uitmarkt 2018, Muziekgebouw, Amsterdam.
    MuseumNacht 2018, EYE Film Institute, Amsterdam.

  • Black Roots & Time fruits

    # Afroditi Bitzouni / Kyriakos Charalampides

    #audiovisual_performance #animation #music_composition

    Direction & Animation Afroditi Bitzouni
    Projection Mapping & Animation s.bell
    Performing Dancers Zoi Kollatou and Stavros Kottas
    Soundtrack Kyriakos Charalampides, Nikos Kefalas, Eleni and Souzana Vougioukli, The Blue Square
    Sound Design Stezfanos Tortopoglou
    Production Year 2012
    Running Time 25:00

    "Black Roots & Time Fruits" is an audiovisual dancing performance. The performance contains projected animated props, live performing dancers and exclusive soundtrack.
    The performance was based on the history and the evolution of “black” music (gospel, blues, soul, experimental hip hop, rap) along with the reformation of the environment, history and aesthetics.

    Official Selection at Athens Video Art Festival [Visualize Athens]. Athens, Greece.

  • Phonotribe Project - Possessive Pronouns

    # Anna Chocholi / Kyrakos Charalampides


    Direction & VFX Anna Chocholi
    Lyrics & Vocals cortés
    Composition/Production k_os (Kyrakos Charalampides)
    Album Phonotribe Project Part I
    Editing Anna Chocholi & k_os (Kyrakos Charalampides)
    Cinematography Polis Paschalides
    Make-up Artist Lamprini Faka
    Performing Markos Tomides, Isidoros Iakovides, Polis Paschalides & Georgia Gagatsiou
    Production Year 2014
    Running Time 03:09

    Music video for the Phonotribe Project (cortes & k_os).

  • E.O.S

    # Anna Chocholi / Kyrakos Charalampides

    #music_composition #animated_film

    Direction & Animation Anna Hoholi
    Music Composition & Production Κyriakos Charalampides
    Production Year 2015
    Running Time 06:14

    E.O.S is a short animation film that visualizes the homonymous electroacoustic composition which is part of of the project Re: SinThesis.
    It narrates the electrification of the soundscape(E.O.S) and in extension, to the electrification of the visual and experiential space.

  • In memoriam of Cassini's Satellite

    # Kyrakos Charalampides / Giuliano Anzani

    #performance #research

    Production Year 2017

    "In memoriam of Cassini’s satellite” is a collaborative performance based on two different systems: the ExGen, a digital instrument based on Xenakis’ GENDY algorithm, and the Rhythmanalyst, a sonification method inspired by Lefebvre’s Rhythmanalysis.
    During the performance, the main performer is challenging the ExGen while his hand movements, the sound results of the instrument, his heart beat and his brainwave activity are analysed and sonified through the second system. By this method, the sonification is guiding the performer through an exploration of his performative vocabulary and the different capabilities of his instrument.

  • Lightpaint

    # Michele Abolaffio


    Production Year 2015

    Video processing environment for drawing in digital environments using light sources in real time in mid-air.

    The software has been developed for the event OHM – Percezione del Tempo e Quarta Dimensione, realised by the collective OHM Art and funded by the Estate Fiorentina 2015 festival of Firenze.

  • Diplotipia

    # Kyriakos Charalampides

    #short_film #sound_design #music_compostion

    Direction & Cinematography Elina Verikiou & Chryssa Zaphiropoulou
    Music & Sound Design Κyriakos Charalampides
    Production Year 2014

    Diplotypia is a short-film dedicated to a sequence of contrasting concepts and the technique of overlaying.

  • Non Linear Diegesis

    # Anna Chocholi / Kyriakos Charalampides

    #music_composition #short_film

    Direction Anna Hoholi
    Music Composition/Production Κyriakos Charalampides
    Cinematography Anna Hoholi & Angelos Deligkas
    Lighting Lamprini Faka
    Performing Vasia Tsaklidou & Panos Spinthiropoulos
    Additional Performers Lamprini Faka, Sofia Persegidou, Eleni Margariti, Irini Trouliari
    Production Year 2015
    Running Time 05:29

    Pieces of a story, broken in time, espousing their unique existence.

    Non Linear Diegesis is a short film that visualizes the homonymous music piece included in the project RE: synthesis .

  • Rupture

    # Anna Chocholi / Kyriakos Charalampides

    #short_film #sound_design

    Direction, Cinematography & Editing Anna Chocholi
    Sound Design Κyriakos Charalampides
    Audio Editor Giorgos Vogiatzis
    Production Year 2014
    Running Time 04:01

    Based on the scheme of D.R. Laing, “Rupture” narrates the process of information distuption in an extreme state of psychotic episode.

    The piece was commissioned by the exhibition “Inner-Outer Self” 2014.

  • Rhythmanalyst

    # Kyriakos Charalampides

    #sonification #research

    Production Year 2017

    The Rhythmanalyst is a multi-modal sonification platform inspired by Henri Lefebvre’s theory of Rhythmanalysis. Its purpose is to sonify periodic correlations between audiovisual stimuli and autonomic biological reactions. During the course of this development four analysis/resynthesis units was designed in order to study the simultaneous sonification of audiovisual motion, heart rate analysis and brainwave classification .
    The individual engines aim to study the utility of sonification for portraying temporal data variations while their combination utilises a single auditory display for illustrating multiple complex data sources simultaneously. The realisation of this platform is based on a combination of machine learning classification methods and physical modeling synthesis techniques inspired by Lefebvre’s theoretical analysis. Through this inspiration, sonification is considered as a tool of reduction that expresses the complexity of multi-dimensional data analysis. The main objective of this study is to investigate the utility of sonification for micro-structured periodic data in order to apply Lefebvre’s theory to contemporary sound studies.

  • Dream

    # Michele Abolaffio


    Production Year 2014

    Synergy Manipulation is an interactive sound sculpture.

    The antropomorphic wooden sculpture incorporates 7 loudspeakers and light sources, each representing a Chakra, or energy point. Through the interaction of the public the sculpture resonates on the different chakras that disclose their characteristics through the sound activity.

    Sculpture: Giovanni Ricci

  • Segno

    # Michele Abolaffio


    Production Year 2014

    A sculpture resembling an exploded tree and a crucifix made of scrap metal.
    A sound and light interactive system. An ambience of life and death.

    Sculpture: Giovanni Ricci

  • Transmission

    # Afroditi Bitzouni


    Poem & Voice Chris Sakellaridis
    Direction, Animation & Illustrations Afroditi Bitzouni
    Music John Davidson
    Production Year 2016
    Running Time 01:26

    Transmission is a visual interpretation of a poem by the same name, crafted by Chris Sakellaridis, and is part of the 3361 Orpheus project.
    3361 Orpheus is an experimental performance, that combines poetry, music and animation and draws inspiration from a range of retellings and adaptations of Orpheus's myth.

    Official Selection at International Film Poetry Festival 2016. Athens, Greece.

  • Nightfall

    # Anna Chocholi / Kyriakos Charalampides


    Direction, Cinematography & Editing Anna Chocholi
    Composition/Production D.T.R.A.N.E.R.
    Album Shards of memory
    Mixing & Mastering Kyriakos Charalampides
    Production Year 2015
    Running Time 04:15

    Nightfall is a music video created for D.T.R.A.N.E.R. and his debut album "Shards of memory".

  • Lament

    # Afroditi Bitzouni / Kyriakos Charalampides / Giuliano Anzani

    #animated_film #sound_design # music_composition

    Poem & Voice Miltos Sachtouris (1919-2005)
    Direction, Animation & Illustrations Afroditi Bitzouni
    Music & Sound Design Kyriakos Charalampides & Giuliano Anzani
    Flute player Tiziano Teodori
    Translation Danai Daska
    Production Year 2018
    Running Time 03:30

    Lament (Θρήνος) is a short animated film based on the poem, that was crafted by Miltos Sachtouris and was included in the collection ΣΦΡΑΓΙΔΑ ή Η ΟΓΔΟΗ ΣΕΛΗΝΗ.
    This short animated piece aspires to narrate a transition from the present world to a better one. The storyline includes incidents that are strongly related to war and lead to the end of the present; recreating a future imaginary world.

  • Feel Alive

    # Afroditi Bitzouni


    Direction, Cinematography & Editing Afroditi Bitzouni
    Composition/Production Rainmaker
    Album Chromium
    Performing Giota Kitsiou
    Production Year 2015
    Running Time 04:54

    Feel Alive is a music video created for Rainmaker. The music video, opposed to the title of track, explores the cruel transformation and the manipulation of a human being in an urban environment.